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Monday night hike

There are few things as healing as being in nature - except being in nature and making new friends.

Join us the evening of Monday, June 24 to connect with people and our planet in our next FREE supernova community hike. We'll practice some mindfulness to help us all connect with being present on our journey.

This hike is a summit climb, but it's only about 3.5 miles round trip. Expect to use your lungs and get your glutes in gear as we climb up and then enjoy majestic views at the top and some beautiful sunset alpenglow light on the way down.


Sign up for our newsletter at OR visit our Facebook event listing and RSVP that you’re “going” to the event. We’ll make sure to send the hike info to you via email on Friday. If you sign up late, message us so we can loop you in.

We'll announce the hike location on Facebook on Sunday evening. These steps help us keep our community connected without overcrowding the scouted hike location.

Our hike will be led by supernova founder Shannon McPhee. If you like traveling to the forest in your mind during our yoga nidra guided meditation on YouTube, come and enjoy some time outside and make some new connections in your community. Hope to see you soon!