Almond Butter Banana Pie

Back in the day when Elvis Presley songs played on the radio, “icebox cakes” were a thing. Depending on how old you are (or aren’t), you might also know that Elvis was credited with popularizing peanut butter banana sandwiches.  In these modern times, I’d like to introduce you to the post-Elvis, gluten free, sugar free, plant-based “icebox pie.”

If you like the PBB flavor vibe, you might be very excited to try this amazing dessert. (FACT: what most people eat for dessert can be enjoyed for breakfast. Sugar-free = guilt-free, my friends.)

This recipe was adapted to be sugar-free from a raw vegan cookbook by the amazing Ani Phyo. I just tried it again after a few years and it was like coming home to a delicious old friend. I make this in a springform pan, but I tend to fight with the pie a little when serving because I want to eat it NOW and it needs a minute to thaw out around the sides. Be patient, yogi. Good things are coming to your plate. 


About four ripe bananas

One jar of almond butter (unsweetened)

¾ cup of erythritol, confectioner’s style

1 tbsp vanilla

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (just add more cinnamon if you don’t have any)

1 tsp salt

Slivered almonds, for topping 


In a food processor or high powered blender, combine all ingredients except the almonds until blended. Spoon into a springform pan or a pie dish. Top with slivered almonds, then chill in the freezer for about four hours. Take it out to soften about a half hour before serving so that you can remove the sides of the springform pan and slice with ease. Enjoy!