Feeling Awkward? This Might Help.

Everyone has memories that make us absolutely cringe. We might be blowing them out of proportion, but nonetheless, we've all experienced ultra-embarrassing moments that make is shrivel up inside a bit. Luckily, scientists have discovered the best tool for moving us past those awkward moments: sleep.

In a report published in the science journal "Brain," scientists scanned people's minds with MRIs while recalling the most embarrassing, decades-old memories. Those who slept the most were best able to "neutralize" those memories and move on. Those with insomnia did not have the same ability and got stuck in the awkward.

The researchers found that those who sleep poorly have a hard time shedding emotional tension. This could be a chicken and egg problem, since perhaps the emotional tension is what keeps us from being able to get some shut eye.

report on the research noted that the "findings might suggest insomnia could be caused by the inability to quell emotional distress, which could explain why insomnia is one of the leading risk factors for developing mood disorders, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder."

Our minds and bodies do their repair work while we sleep, so restless nights don't allow us to process and rewire for a fresh start in the morning. However, curing insomnia sometimes turns to medications, and not everyone wants to go that route.

Enter our friend, yoga nidra. During nidra, our minds can achieve the same deep rest as we get during a good night's sleep. This is why it's said that an hour of nidra practice can be equivalent to four hours of sleep. Nidra brings us into deep rest, while we get to explore our own insight normally hidden in our subconscious mind. 

Curious? Insomnia or not, you can give yoga nidra a try anywhere and anytime on our YouTube channel. Find a place where you can lie down and rest, and drift into relaxation, knowing you're creating the space for those awkward memories to soften too.