A Healthier End to the Week

Ah, Friday. The time when millions of us rush as fast as we possibly can to happy hour so we can put that work week behind us.

There might be nothing better than a Friday afternoon glass of wine or beer. Retiring to the pub after a workday has even long been a cultural norm in England and Ireland.

Despite its deliciousness, alcohol doesn’t do a whole lot to restore us. In fact, it often makes us feel even more tired, as many of us know. It dehydrates us, and often, we eat some pretty terrible things while drinking, you know, just to be sure we’re being responsible and not drinking on an empty stomach.

If you find yourself exhausted from a long week of work, it might be time to try a nap instead. Even better, make it a yoga nap to really make it good for you.

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation experience that is practiced completely at rest. “Nidra” means sleep, and many people do fall asleep during yoga nidra. If your body needs sleep, it’ll take it, and you’ll end the practice feeling great.

In time, you should be able to stay aware during nidra meditation while your body rests deeply. That’s where things get really interesting. Yoga nidra helps us tap into our subconscious mind, which can result in some pretty profound experiences. All while completely sober.

Next time you feel you need to escape reality, give yoga nidra a try. You might even have an incredible out of body experience, without any of the hangover. I’ll drink to that.