This Growth Tool Sustains Your Spirit

Lots of us are working on growth. Feeling like we’re making progress in our lives, whether at home, work, or our inner world, gives us a feel-good high and a sense of accomplishment. Our culture LOVES growth, and we get all kinds of messages about how growth is important for feeling satisfied about the life we’re living. 

Looking at the examples offered to us by nature, it’s clear that rapid growth is actually an anomaly. In nature, everything from the plants to the animals to even our weather patterns happen in cycles. Every day, plants and animals follow the rhythm of the sun, and these patterns echo across the seasons as our planet tilts in its orbit.

So if you find yourself exhausted from chasing growth, or even feeling guilty that you’re feeling more stuckness than shiny these days, take note of nature’s wisdom and give yourself space to ground down.

It seems logical when we think in terms of physics – we all learned that “what goes up, must come down.” Yet those words feel a little negative at face value, so we try to just keep on rising higher and higher and higher.  

Rather than feeling like “coming down” is a fall from grace, grounding ourselves back to earth and our roots gives us the the energy to sustain ourselves. Just like a tree, strong roots mean that our branches can reach higher and higher. Without strong grounding, a tall tree just topples over in the wind.

So, if you’re someone who feels deeply and find yourself often sensing others’ emotions , you might need to practice grounding even more frequently to help root back into your own body and emotions.  This is true also for those who work with energy, emotions and bodies through massage therapy, teaching yoga, meditation, and other similar healing practices, like nursing, therapists, and other health care providers.

growing strong roots

There are many ways we can ground down, and you might find that different practices work for you in different ways. Of course, traditional breath awareness meditation can be incredibly grounding as we learn to sit with observing our breath and sensations while suspending our usual judgements of what should or shouldn’t be happening. In time, we start to ground deeply into the ebb and flow of things, and with regular practice, we can often move into the supportive space of meditation with ease, even when life gets erratic.

Being outside in nature can also be especially grounding. When we get away from our screens, we start to reconnect with the tangible reality we’re living in, rather than the virtual worlds we inhabit in online spaces. The internet is an incredible place of connection and ideas, but it’s not surprising that coming out of the digital world and into the analog one we physically inhabit can be a very powerful practice for grounding back down into our own experience.

Some people practice very literal grounding by standing on the earth without wearing any shoes. Of course, this works best if you can stand on soil or grass rather than concrete, but even if you’re in an urban jungle, let yourself visualize the earth that rests underneath the pavement to root yourself down.  If you have a little more time, lying down on a blanket can be even more powerful. Take the time to feel the earth supporting you, and notice how you feel.

Yoga nidra guided meditation is another grounding tool for coming back into our own reality. In yoga nidra, we travel layer by layer through our physical body, energy, thoughts and emotions, insight, and “bliss” so that we can reconnect with our true self. With regular practice, we start to understand that our true self is always with us, underneath all the clutter and activity we experience in life.

Growth is beautiful. It gives meaning and purpose to our lives. To sustain your growth and your energy as you rise, remember to find time to ground down and nurture strong roots that feed your soul.