What Does “Hari Om, Tat Sat” Mean? 

Depending on the lineage of your yoga nidra guide, you might sometimes hear the words “hari om, tat sat” at the end of your guided meditation practice. These four short Sanskrit words hold powerful teachings that might just surprise you.

The phrase “hari om, tat sat” comes from verse 17.23 of the Bhagavad Gita. Its exact translation is "Om, that is Truth", "Om, it is Reality", "Om it is good,” but Sanskrit isn’t a simple language. Much of its meaning operates at a depth that doesn’t come through with a fast surface translation of its ancient teachings into modern English. 

Om is All

The word “om” is considered a sacred sound in Hinduism. It is a sound that refers to both our true self within, as well as the universal energy of the universe. It is quite literally, everything.

When we consider what “OM” means then, we can further simplify the mantra of “hari om, tat sat” by using the word “all” instead of “om.”  

All Truth is Good?

While you might be okay with “all is reality,” it might be sometimes hard to understand this mantra when it does not seem that “all is truth” and “all is good.” Here, it’s important to go back to the meaning of the word “om” once again. Things might not seem truthful or good from our own personal perspective, but when we scale out to the universe and all of creation, we widen our viewpoint and our understanding.

The “all” of “om” reminds us to look past our self-centered worldviews and remember the infinite connection of all things.  This is where we get past our usual dualistic mindset of craving some things and rejecting others. Once we get past duality, we touch the infinite and understand that indeed, all is truth and all is good.

Let Go of the Fruits

There is also a layer of meaning in these four simple words that reminds us to surrender our ego and do our work for no reward other than just doing good.  This helps us work more towards true peace and happiness. Deep peace comes from letting go of our need to be successful in the eyes of others. Instead, we just work to share more good, in whatever humble ways we can.  

The clearer that we can make the ultimate meaning of the words that share any teachings, the more we can get past the mysticism. This makes the wisdom of yoga more accessible to more people. Hari om, tat sat. All is truth, all is reality, and all is good.