The Hyperhealing Power of Yoga Nidra

If you’ve ever worked through the insight layer of a yoga nidra experience, you probably know firsthand that these inner journeys can be deeply healing. (If not, you can tune in and feel it for yourself in our free podcast practices.)

In fact, many people work through the layers of yoga nidra to get to the powerful opportunity to connect with your inner truth during our insight experience. While it’s a favorite element of practice, we can’t rush our way to insight, as we have to get deep into our practice to access our subconscious wisdom during yoga nidra. 

The Cultural Cornerstone 

I’ve always called the fourth layer of practice the “insight journey,” but many of the students who have learned to lead yoga nidra with me instead call it a story. Great students help their teachers grow, and their word has helped me deepen my own understanding of why this part of our practice is so healing.

Human beings have made sense of the world through stories for thousands of years. Before we had written language, stories helped us pass down knowledge from one generation to the next. Stories teach us morals, values and important lessons about ourselves, our families, our tribes, and our history.

Stories engage more of our brain than mere facts, and this is part of what makes them so powerful. Our social wiring often makes us feel empathy for the characters in the story, and that triggers powerful chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine, making us feel deeply connected to the story in a unique and powerful way. We get pulled in and often even feel that we want to take action.

Storytelling helps us make sense of things, as we fill in the blanks to make the story whole. Native American people are some of the greatest custodians of our storytelling culture, and Native Hope uses the power of story to bring healing to those in need.   

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Given the power of story, it’s not surprising then how much it helps us in our yoga nidra insight journey. During our nidra practice, we’re the main character, this makes the story’s unfolding absolutely captivating.

While we often listen to those we love and offer great advice to them, we don’t often allow ourselves the time and space to really feel our way through the challenges we’re facing ourselves. Through our yoga nidra insight experience, we finally clear away all the distractions to listen to our own wise intelligence usually hidden in our subconscious.

A good yoga nidra insight journey will provide plenty of room for your subconscious to fill in the blanks, and after the first three layers of practice, your mind will be cleared to allow your deepest truth to come through during the experience.

Listen to Me! 

Everyone wants to be listened to. We crave it. Being heard validates that we’re worthy and loved. It’s a gift of someone else’s precious time and focus. Yet so often, we don’t listen to ourselves. Either we think we’re too busy, or we don’t trust what we think we’re hearing, or we’ve simply lost our ability to connect with that person inside. They feel like a stranger, and we wonder why we feel so disconnected.

Yoga nidra gives us the space to listen supportively, regardless of what has held us back before. When your inner self is finally heard by your conscious mind, incredible healing happens spontaneously.

Your subconscious has a message for you. As soon as you hear it, the story within you strikes like a lightning bolt straight to your heart. You realize that you are indeed the architect and the actor in your own plot. As an actor, you gain the ability to transform an ominous ending into the beginning of a surprising new chapter. Perhaps it’s time to tune in.