Insight Without Ayahuasca

Once upon a time in the olden days, curious young folks used to try substances that would get them high mostly out of curiosity and thrill seeking. From alcohol to increasingly legal marijuana, plain old having fun is still a common reason that people use mind-altering substances today.

Yet, there is another rising reason for digging deeper into our minds. Rather than tuning out, people are using substances to tune in on spiritual journeys. Many of these people are exploring ayahuasca experiences, using the plant medicine and guidance from a shaman to dig into their subconscious minds for answers and guidance.

Unlike what happens in Vegas, ayahuasca isn’t a recreational experience. There is much respect in an ayahuasca ceremony, and a lot of preparation is required, including adherence to a special diet before and after the practice.   

While many people report having profound journeys on ayahuasca, it can be costly, isn’t necessarily legal (one of its ingredients is definitely not legal in the U.S.), and requires some planning to attend a ceremony with a shaman, which means it’s not always accessible to practice. In addition, many people who are seeking more insight and spiritual connection simply aren’t necessarily interested in consuming mind-altering substances.

Yoga nidra guided meditation helps us relax into connection with our subconscious without the use of any substances whatsoever. It’s a completely sober experience, yet it still enables us to receive deep insight and wisdom from our inner selves. If you are someone who enjoys journeying with a shaman in an ayahuasca ceremony, you might find that yoga nidra can be a powerful complement to your preparations and practice.  

the joy of a sober journey

By systematically deepening our relaxation, yoga nidra helps us temporarily suspend the usual mental filters that keep us from hearing our own truth deep within. Layer by layer, we connect with our different experiences of being human, through our physical, energetic and mental bodies, preparing us to then explore our inner wisdom.

Nidra is a very gentle and peaceful practice, but unlike taking substances to facilitate an insight journey, if anyone ever feels uncomfortable with their experience, they can simply sit up and exit the practice immediately and safely.

how to try it

If you’re curious about connecting more with your inner wisdom, yoga nidra might be the ideal way to begin to explore your subconscious insight in a completely safe and accessible experience. You can tune in to supernova yoga nidra on YouTube for free at any time and try out over a dozen different practices to help you explore different insight experiences every time. While you’re there, subscribe so that you’re the first to know about new insight journeys to explore. If you have an interesting experience, try encouraging someone else to try nidra as well.

Many people are surprised to find that yoga nidra can bring us insight that’s just as powerful as what might be experienced with a substance. Instead of ingesting an intoxicant to get there, we’re able to do so simply by exploring our own power and potential for deep, transformative healing with zero side effects. In fact, the U.S. Army Surgeon General has even recommended yoga nidra to help veterans suffering from PTSD.  

The interesting thing about nidra is that even revisiting the same nidra guidance can reveal different insights multiple times, so if you find one you love, don’t be afraid to tune in again and see what else comes forward to you.



Shannon McPhee