Are You Manifesting a Bigger Ego?

Positive thinking is a very good thing. It helps us move away from waiting for something to happen in the future to feel good about ourselves and our lives. By reframing our thought patterns, we stop waiting to be happy when _______, and instead, allow ourselves to appreciate how much we have right now.

If you read many wellness websites or follow any wellness-focused feeds on social media, you’ve probably come across the trend of “manifesting” what we want to happen in our lives. On the surface, it seems like a helpful practice, or so I thought until I came across teachings from Swami J this week. 

Play Small, or Go Big 

Swami J is a very devoted spiritual teacher. And he advises caution with prayer.

You might not be very religious, let alone someone who feels that they pray. Communicating your desires through your energy and focus can be seen as a form of prayer, whether or not you believe in a God or any gods. If you think your energy can make things happen that aren’t entirely under your control, believing in that power is a form or prayer.

Swami J notes that there are actually two kinds of prayer: ego-centric prayer and god-centric prayer. For the sake of being secular, let’s update “god-centric” to “universe-centric.”

Much of the “manifesting” self-help we come across on social media is pretty ego-centric. Looking to play us and the algorithm, we’re advised to type “YES” if we agree that we’ll double our income this month, or if you’ll be the first multi-millionaire in your family, or simply that you are a money magnet.  

The other kind of prayer is on a much higher level. Universe-centric prayer is our heartfelt desire to grow from darkness into more light, or to be more kind and compassionate. It’s the kind of manifesting that goes beyond our day to day selfishness to realign our focus on the bigger picture and far deeper happiness. This kind of focus moves us away from the misery of always needing to feed our ego, towards the peace of aligning with a much bigger picture. 

Manifesting with Sankalpa

Yoga nidra includes a powerful manifestation practice as we connect with our sankalpa. Powerful universe-centric sankalpas align us with our highest self, as we realize our own truth. I am calm, I am healing, I am capable, I am kind, I am enough and I am love are all powerful universal words of truth. 

Manifesting can be a powerful practice. With eyes open, we can notice when we’re tying our happiness to material gains, or if it’s time to go bigger. Our thoughts do create our experience of reality, so be mindful about what kind of game you want to play.

We can feed our ego, or we can manifest universal peace simply by noticing where we’re attaching our energy. It’s time to feed the good.