This Meditation Practice Reduces Anxiety Without Medications

If you find yourself suffering from depression and anxiety, you’re not alone. In your own community and across the globe, chronic stress is making us sick.

Some people definitely need the help of medications and the support of medical professionals to navigate their way through dark times. For others, there are powerful tools to help us guide ourselves back to feeling whole and complete. 

Yoga nidra is a powerful, simple practice that provides a wide range of significant benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety to helping us connect with our true selves, yoga nidra transforms lives and helps us live in line with our greatest truth. The benefits of yoga nidra range from helping us get essential sleep in times of insomnia to enlightening us about our inner truth. Here are other powerful ways that yoga nidra helps us heal:

Reduced stress and anxiety

While life may be challenging, our true nature is a place of deep, resonant calm. Experiencing our inner calm helps us create the space needed to work through stressful situations with greater insight and ease. Life might still be complicated, but we begin to be able to navigate through challenges from a place of greater calm. 

Relief from insomnia

Sleep is essential to our health. Nidra practice helps us enter the same brainwave states that we experience as we sleep, giving our bodies the space to do their most restorative, healing work. If your body needs sleep, you’re likely to find it in yoga nidra, but even if you don’t drift off, being in the brainwave states of sleep will help you feel refreshed after practice. 

Manage pain

Millions of us suffer from chronic pain that disrupts our lives. Scientists and pain management specialists believe that we have the power to reframe chronic pain patterns by learning to observe sensation rather than resist it. As we learn to accept things as they are, old patterns finally begin to soften and change once the body feels that its message has been heard.

Develop meditation skills

Meditation is the fastest growing wellness trend in the U.S., but for many of us, it can be frustrating when we start out. Yoga nidra helps us experience the calmer states of meditation to set a baseline of understanding of how meditation feels. Once our waking minds have had a taste of these calmer states, we can continue to expand our practice from guided meditation to other self-guided practices.

Overcome negative patterns

Whether you suffer from depression or simply find yourself focusing your energy on negative behaviors or self-talk you’d like to leave behind, supernova yoga nidra helps you physically feel the way to creating wholeness and inner peace. By working through observing our usual emotional and thought patterns, we begin to experience how to move past judgement and instead create wholeness and peace.

Insight into your own answers

Our subconscious mind is a weath of information that we generally tend to ignore. This helps us get through our day, but tends to keep us running the same basic programs day in and day out. The practice of yoga nidra helps us temporarily turn off our usual filters to access the incredible insight and wisdom that is unique to each of us. Yoga nidra helps us find answers we often didn’t even know we were looking for, and this insight fuels transformative growth and inner peace.


Curious to try it? We share free yoga nidra guided meditation on YouTube to do our part to help spread a little more light and love. Tune in and see how nidra can help you find inner peace and maybe even the answers you’ve been looking for.