Super Simple Olive Chickpea Smash

Eating out are great ways to find inspiration for dishes we can make at home to enjoy delicious food but save big. I recently had this amazing chickpea olive smash served on half an avocado at a restaurant. The other half of the avocado came with some delicious marinated tomatoes on top, and it had a tiny salad in the middle. It was delicious, but way overpriced considering how simple this spread is to make. 

If you love olives like I do, you'll love eating this chickpea smash spread on salads, or with sliced carrot chips, cucumber, or any other delicious fresh veggies. It's super simple to make if you have a food processor, but if not, a potato masher and some elbow grease will do the trick too. It's a fast plant-based staple you can whip up in mere minutes to fill up with healthy fuel. 


one can chickpeas, drained and well rinsed

one can pitted black olives, drained (chop the olives if you'll be using a potato masher instead of a food processor)

2 tbsp tahini

salt to taste


If using a food processor, first process the chickpeas and tahini to mash them up, then add in the olives and pulse until the olives are chopped as desired.  Add salt to taste. You might not need any salt since the olives are often canned in brine.

If using a potato masher, put the chickpeas and tahini in a bowl and smash away. Fold in the chopped olives and salt if needed.

Enjoy with fresh veggies, on a salad, or bake balls of this mixture in the oven on 375F until crunchy on the outside for home made falafels.