You can do this TODAY to help fight climate change

Hello heartbreak: Greenland today unveiled a memorial for the first glacier officially lost to climate change. Temperatures are soaring across the United States and Europe. And it seems like there is nothing we can do.

Climate change is definitely a global problem, and if we don’t take action, it is going to worsen as temperatures go up. More people will need air conditioning to live at safe temperatures. That means we’ll need more energy, and unless we act fast, generating that energy will burn more fossil fuels to heat us up even more.

Head Out of the Sand

It can be exasperating and even depressing to realize how dire things are for our planet right now. But exasperation often leads to numbness and inaction.   

Even though we need to make big changes on a global scale, every one of us can make a powerful change on a personal level to help keep our planet livable.

That change is choosing a plant-based diet. Or at least, eating plant-based as much as we can. Starting today.

The Power on Your Plate

Animal farming uses vast amounts of energy and resources to make food for our food. Industrial-scale farming has caused clear cutting of rainforest land that is contributing to the warming of the earth. If enough of us begin to choose to eat more plant-based meals, we will be able to shift demand away from energy-hungry industries like dairy and beef production, towards more sustainable, earth-friendly farming.

Plant-based diets are not only better for our planet and our bodies, but they’re also kinder on both our wallets and the animals themselves. Being a kind human doesn’t end where our mouth begins. Our choices shape our world, and this truth shows up in a big way on our plates.

Unite and Conquer

If you need help figuring out how to eat more plant-based meals, there are infinite resources to help you get started. Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or via email and we can share some great recipes. If there are any recipes you can share, post a comment below to help us all rise up to the challenge.

It’s easy to lose hope and collapse into feeling that there’s nothing we can do to save our Earth. Taking action – and talking about our choices with others - helps us hold onto hope.

Getting a handle on climate change is going to mean we need to find new ways to live. It might be strange at first, and perhaps a little uncomfortable. But things will get much more uncomfortable – and a whole lot hotter and wetter - if we don’t find a way to do our part to foster the changes we need to happen now.



Shannon McPheeComment