Feeling Disconnected? Heal Your Heart Through This Proven Meditation Practice

Stressed workers reported feeling less stress after practicing.

Healthcare professionals reported that they were able to work with more awareness.

Veterans with chronic pain due to brain trauma reported improved pain management.

People recovering from traumatic violence reported decreased PTSD, anxiety, stress, and depression as they reconnected with their true self.

College students reported feeling less stressed, worried and depressed.  


What is it that helps so many people from different backgrounds heal deeply? The simple practice of yoga nidra.  

In our always-connected world, most of us tend to live in our heads most of the time. But our minds are only one layer of our human experience. Sitting at screens, we end up disconnected from our physical bodies, and often, our emotions. Stuck in our heads, we start to lose touch with feeling whole, and we end up losing touch with ourselves.  

The guided meditation experience of yoga nidra is a journey that reconnects us to our true selves. Layer by layer, we reconnect, strengthening our awareness while our bodies take rest. Yoga nidra restores the chronic energetic exhaustion that many of us feel today, and it inspires us by helping us tap into our inner wisdom.

To try yoga nidra, all you have to do is lie down and listen. You might fall asleep the first few times you practice, and that’s completely okay. If you fall asleep, your body is likely craving for rest, and it deserves that time to heal. In time, your ability to remain aware will grow stronger, and you will begin to connect to your own inner insight as you practice.

We may not all be combat veterans or recovering from trauma, but the truth is, almost everyone’s life is stressful these days. Yoga nidra is proven to help restore us, and tuning in for practice is only a few clicks away.

Tune in with us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or YouTube to help yourself heal today. You can also bring yoga nidra to your community by learning to lead practice online at your own pace.