Savory Sweet Pea Pies

It’s kind of shocking that this is a plant-based recipe, because this dish is a CHAMELEON.

Chameleon trick number one: These are made with garden peas, not sweet peas. But sweet sounded better when naming this dish.

Chameleon trick number two; This recipe super versatile. It works as a savory breakfast, yummy salad topping, or even the main attraction on a dinner dish. The base mixture even makes a killer variation on hummus. What more could you ask of a plant-based protein?

The inspiration for this variation on falafels came from my garden. I didn’t have enough fresh homegrown peas to make it, but they were enough to trigger the idea to swap peas out for chickpeas and make a variation on the traditional falafel. And the “batter” is SO good that I almost had to fight myself to use it all for the pea pie patties instead of just eating it like hummus.

You’ll need a food processor or high powered blender for this recipe. I used a jumbo size silicon muffin tray to bake the pies, but you could use a regular muffin tin or even roll them into balls and roast them on a cookie sheet. It’s super fast to make and so good! 


1 bag frozen peas, thawed

2 cloves garlic, or 1 tsp garlic powder

2/3 cup tahini (sesame paste)

1 cup pine nuts (or other nuts of your choice)

2/3 cup hemp hearts (omit if you don’t have them)

1 tsp Himalayan salt

1 package of chives (or three green onions), chopped

Avocado oil to thin


Heat oven to 350 F if baking the pea pies rather than enjoying as a hummus (also highly recommended!).

Mix everything except the chives/green onions in your food processor. Scoop down the sides and add a little avocado oil as needed to help it blend.

Add the chives and pulse to blend. 

If you want to enjoy as a hummus dip, you’re ready!

If you want to bake these into a main dish or salad topping, either scoop the mix into a muffin pan or form balls with your hand and place on a cookie sheet.

The baking time will depend on how you form the pies. I bake them for about an hour when using my jumbo silicon muffin pan. If you’re using mini muffin pans, or shaping your own, you probably will have them done faster. Just bake them until they’re nice and golden on the outside. It’s okay if they’re a little soft on the inside – it’s a nice texture combination to enjoy!

If eating in a salad, the dressing helps boost the flavor of these pea pies even more. When eating on their own, I like to slice avocado and eat with some vegan aioli. One fast option is to mix vegan mayo with Red Hot wing sauce – it’s zesty and a great compliment to the peas.