Ditch Those Single-Use Sandwich Bags

My husband has a Ziploc bag problem. He’s doing better, but he still can’t admit to it. So, you can imagine my excitement when my girlfriend introduced me to Stasher reusable silicone bags last week. She pulled out her snack while we were out exploring, and I was smitten.

stasher onions.jpg

Stasher bags are well designed, and can be used hot or cold – since they’re made of silicone, you can even cook food in them (like sous vide water bath cooking), right out of the freezer.

Apparently you can also use them in the oven up to 400F, but I haven’t had to bake many things in a bag before, so I’m not so sure how much that will matter to me.  

Stasher bags also happen to be very cute. There is even a Supernova color, so that’s saying something. That said, they are also pricier than other reusable bag options you can find online.

But most other reusable bag options seem to require a clip to close the bag – which makes the bag not so useful if the clip is lost. And if the clip is made of plastic, then we’re still making more trash. Stasher keeps it simple with a bag that seals closed without the need for any clips.

Save the Planet AND Your Wallet

If you sign up for emails (aka “join the plastic free movement”), Stasher will give you 20% off your order, which is a pretty sweet deal. Supernova has no affiliation with Stasher whatsoever - we just wanted to pass on the 411 about this great green alternative to plastic storage bags.

If you’re looking to cut down on single-use plastic too, take a look at Stasher. The Earth will thank you for investing a little more upfront for bags you can use again and again, and it’s nearly certain that you’ll end up enlightening someone else who sees your cute eco option.