Summer of Self-Care

It’s officially summer and life is heating up. When the days are long, life can get busy, and sometimes it’s tough to remember to take some time for restoring ourselves. Long summer evenings feel like a precious resource, so sometimes we end up overscheduling ourselves after our busy days, and then wonder if it’s the heat that’s got us so exhausted. 

Remember your rituals

It’s easy to tell ourselves we’ll make space for self-care when the days are cool and short again. When temperatures are hot, tempers can flare a little more easily, and that makes self-care even more important. Remembering our rituals of restoration can help us not only sustain our energy, but they also keep us connected to our inner sources of kindness and compassion.

If there’s a practice that fueled you in the winter, look at ways to bring it out into the sun. For example, journaling in the park could be a great way to bring your self-care practice with you into summer. If you practice meditation, perhaps its possible for you to find a quiet, shaded space where you can sit outside and connect even more deeply with the nature. You might hear birds singing, children playing, leaves rustling, or maybe you’ll feel the breeze on your skin.  

Speaking of your skin, it probably needs different care in the summer than in the winter. It might not be as dry, but it likely needs more protection from the sun. Same goes for any essential oils you use. In winter, warming oils like cinnamon can help fend off a cold, but in summer, peppermint can help us cool down on hot, sultry days.

Create new connections

Summer also presents its own unique opportunities to enjoy restoring ourselves. While winter is great time to enjoy the warmth of candlelight, summertime brings us the opportunity to enjoy more of the outdoors. You might be able to develop summertime self-care practices like taking a mindful (slow) walk, or stopping to breathe and feel during a hike.

Whatever the season, it’s important to take time to take care of ourselves. Summer is full of energy and that fuels us to live large. Coming back to our center can help us continue to replenish what drives us to follow our bliss, all year long.