The Wellness Trend Growing Faster than Yoga

The yoga that comes to mind for most of us – stretching and bending on a rectangular mat –  still reigns supreme when it comes to how many of us are practicing it, but the fastest growing wellness trend in the USA in 2019 is yoga’s older brother: meditation.

The mindfulness family tree

At its core, the practice of yoga is the practice of meditation. In the oldest known text on yoga, the sage Patanjali says that “yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” In the beginning, yoga wasn’t about downward dog or warrior poses. It was about enlightenment, and meditation was critical to that path.

While we can debate whether or not stopping the fluctuations of the mind is the goal of meditation, experienced meditators will confirm that regular practice definitely does increase the amount of space we can create to watch how we react to what arises in our lives. After a good yoga class, we also feel calmer and more connected. Our minds and bodies are less agitated, and everything feels a whole lot better. The yoga that’s popular at studios around the world today is just another tool to help us get to the same goal of feeling at ease with our human experience.

Plugging into the present

Despite the numerous differences in styles today, physical yoga is considered “hatha” yoga, while meditation is “raja” yoga. If you practice physical yoga, hopefully the classes you experience include moments of mindfulness or even seated meditation to help you use the tools of physical movement to help you connect with the present.  

But meditation practice doesn’t stop with just learning to be present. There’s also an element of suspending our usual judgements and how we crave for some things and reject others. Combined, it can feel pretty challenging to keep our minds focused on being present while stepping back from our usual thought patterns, but the rewards of greater calm and peace are well worth the effort. With the practice of meditation growing threefold over the past few years, clearly, more and more of us are catching on to the power of meditation.

Dig in and dive deep

From breath awareness, observation of sensation, watching a candle, to mantra practices, there are many types of meditation available to help us focus and learn to witness the present. Yoga nidra is a powerful guided meditation experience that helps us develop more calm and connection with the brain wave states of meditation, making it an ideal practice for those starting out with meditation.

If you’re interested in bringing yoga nidra to your community, you’ll be helping people heal deeply while serving a growing demand for meditation across the U.S. Our online yoga nidra teacher training makes it easy for anyone to learn how to guide yoga nidra, wherever you might be located.

No regrets

Whatever practice works for you, you’ll be helping to heal your body and mind. Not only are meditation and yoga powerful tools to fight stress, but just about every yogi knows that the calm they help us create makes us way better humans to be around. We don’t often regret hitting a yoga class, and after you get a little more acquainted with the space inside you, you probably won’t regret taking the time to meditate, either.

Go on, give it a try. Stress might be the only thing you have to lose. Give yourself a little space to breathe and just be, and you’ll be doing your part to create a kinder, more compassionate world.