Vegan Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies: Sugar-free, Gluten-free!


These cookies were inspired by an amazing complimentary tiny vegan cookie treat you get at the end of your meal at a lovely Thai restaurant called Fav Bistro in Holladay, Utah. They have an incredible orange flavor, which reminded me that we can use essential oil for all-natural cooking!

The orange is an unexpected twist that takes these delicious cookies to a whole new level. Here’s to cooking with essential oils!

This adaptation of the orange chocolate chip cookies is also sugar-free (using erythritol, which my local Smiths grocery now amazingly has in stock!) and gluten-free, if you use almond flour. Using almond flour makes things taste great but they don’t hold structure the same way as wheat flour, so expect the cookies to flatten while baking. I asked my superstar baking friend Gem in LA for advice on this recipe, and she told me that almond flour is tricky even for her.  

I prefer how I feel after eating almond flour compared to wheat flour, but if you want your cookies to look a little more traditional, you could also make them with wheat flour. Healthy matters more to me, but you choose what matters most to you!


2 cups almond flour

1 cup erythritol sweetener

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp baking soda

Pinch Himalayan salt


8 tbsp Miyoko’s plant-based butter (or coconut oil), softened

1 tbsp vanilla

12 drops orange essential oil


1 cup smashed vegan dark chocolate bar or vegan chocolate chips



Heat oven to 350F.

Mix dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix vegan butter/coconut oil, vanilla and the essential oil in another. Fold in the chocolate, then shape into balls on your cookie sheet. 

If you are using almond flour, it is very likely that the cookies will flatten, so try to leave space for them to spread out on the sheet.

Bake for about 12-15 minutes, watching closely so that they don’t burn!

Enjoy the fresh orange chocolate flavor! 

Psst… Want to get CRAZY?

Try making a chickpea cookie dough version of this recipe by just mixing a can of drained chickpeas, ½ cup erythritol, vanilla, salt, orange oil and ½ cup chocolate chips in your food processor. Don’t bother to cook it, just enjoy it mixed fresh – it’s a raw, protein and fiber-rich cookie dough without any eggs or any risk!