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Derived from the latin word “novae,” which means new, astronomers added the prefix “super-“ to distinguish this luminous and energetic transformation from an ordinary new star formation.  

Essential to expansion and galactic growth, a supernova enriches the interstellar with vital elements that trigger the formation of new stars and planets in an experience far brighter than an average astronomic event.

Our supernova is a practice of connection and transformation. We use the tools and teachings of yoga, nidra, guided meditation and mindfulness to help us all connect to our own unique truth within.

yoga nidra for everyone

Wherever you are, you can tune in to yourself. We share yoga nidra guided meditation for everyone on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. You can also listen to practice our podcast page.


restore your body while empowering your mind

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation practice that helps reconnect us to our own truth within. It is a practice done entirely at rest. We lie down, tune in, and listen.

Nidra is a drug-free, natural antidote to the epidemic chronic stress affecting us, our communities, and people all over the world today. We know something's got to give, and we keep looking for it on the outside, but the truth is, what we are seeking is within us, now and always. 

Yoga nidra connects us back to our own potential and power. We clear away all the layers of doubt and stress to reveal your own true radiance. There's nothing to fix, but lots to feel. It's an experience like no other. Once you try it, you'll know. 

cultivate calm and connection

Traditional breath awareness meditation is a powerful practice, and meditation was reported to be the fastest growing health trend in the USA in 2018. But sometimes we feel we're not "good" at meditation when we start out, so many of us give up.

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation practice that helps us cultivate deeper calm and awareness. It's an ideal way to develop a connection with our inner selves, and the deep states of calm that are possible with meditation.

To learn more about yoga nidra, watch our What is Yoga Nidra intro video on YouTube, or better yet, try a guided meditation practice on our supernova yoga nidra YouTube channel. We share nidra meditation for free on YouTube to make this powerful practice available to everyone. 

If you would like to book a private session or host a special nidra event, let's connect to curate something aligned with exactly what you need.


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Shannon McPhee created supernova yoga nidra and mindfulness to help stars shine brighter. 
Born in Canada, she now calls Salt Lake City, Utah home. She has spent hundreds of hours studying and teaching yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, sound healing and thai yoga work. Once an avid traveler who has visited five continents and lived in Japan and Peru, she now believes the answers we are seeking are found within. You can find her on Instagram at @super.shannon