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LEARN to lead empowering, healing Yoga Nidra guided meditation EXPERIENCES

Dive deep into the healing power of guided meditation in our online yoga nidra teacher training course.

Differentiate yourself as a teacher by leading your community through this transformative practice that unlocks your students’ greatest potential.

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The fastest growing wellness practice in the United States might just surprise you, but energy is shifting in a big way as we approach a new decade. 

We're being called to serve - and that includes you. Find out how you can help our communities heal by reconnecting with our own power and potential.


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Our online program gives you the flexibility to fit your learning into your life. Video lectures, an in-depth, informative manual, exclusive nidra practices, video lessons, easy access to the instructor and live Q&A sessions give you the benefit of convenient learning at your pace as well as real-world connection with your teacher, Shannon McPhee.

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Meditation was the fastest growing U.S. health trend in 2018. Our online yoga nidra teacher training  empowers you to bring this transformative guided meditation practice to your community to serve this growing demand for the healing made possibly through meditation.

If you don't think you're yet ready to teach, but curious to learn more about yoga nidra, this course might just fuel an unexpected transformation. Or if you feel ready now, get ready to grow big. Nidra tends to call us, and there may just be a reason that it is now calling you.

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Want to host a yoga nidra teacher training intensive at your studio? Contact Shannon to discuss how you can set your studio apart by bringing this unique and powerful practice to your community.


student testimonials

"the best gift I can give"

"Yoga nidra teacher training was a life-changing experience for me. I had done yoga nidra in the past, but learning how and why it is so powerful helped me dive deeper into my own practice, and I feel like sharing it with others is the best gift I can give to the world."

- Natalie J.

"peace and healing"

"Practicing yoga nidra gave me a path towards peace and healing. The desire to share it with a hurt and struggling world led me to teacher training. It's had a profound impact on my life and I continue to share it wherever I can. I highly recommend yoga nidra teacher training to explore connections and get deeper insights about the practice and how it works on the mind."

- Jo B.

"the purest happy moments I've had in a long time"

"One of the purest happy moments I've had in a long time was during my Yoga Nidra teacher training. We had just learned how connected we all are. It made me feel like a kid again. It made me feel alive. Through the training, a lot of scientific, research-based content was used. Not all yoga is able to be backed by science, but Yoga Nidra is. The training helped me connect deeper with myself and with others."

- Han C.